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Is your Drinking Water Protected?

Is your Drinking Water Protected?

Author: Pacific Lawn Sprinklers/Monday, January 1, 2024/Categories: News

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A backflow prevention valve on a lawn sprinkler or drip irrigation system can come in many types and brands. Each device offers an additional level of protection against the possible chance of the irrigation water from backing up into and contaminating your domestic drinking (potable) water. More and more frequently, water companies are mandating that the backflow preventer on your irrigation system be tested once a year to ensure its proper operation.
A backflow preventor helps prevent your irrigation water from ever backing up and siphoning into the main water supply. Fertilizer, weed killers, pesticides and pet waste have the potential chance of entering the water supply through your irrigation system. This backflow test ensures that your backflow preventor is working properly to eliminate this possible hazard. Some of the most common backflow preventers are an Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker, a Pressurized Vacuum Breaker (also known as a PVB valve), a Double check (also known as a DCV assembly) and a Reduced Pressure Zone Valve (also known as an RPZ valve). Febco, Apollo, Watts, and Conbraco are the most common manufacturers of residential backflow devices.
Many city and town water departments and water authorities mandate that specific backflow preventers are installed on every water service/ supply line to an underground irrigation system. This is also true for a drip irrigation system, garden irrigation system or any water service line that could have a potential chance of contamination with irrigation water. Pacific Lawn Sprinklers trained technicians are licensed and certified to perform a backflow test for you. In addition, we will file all of the necessary paperwork with your water company.
For your convenience, we can perform a backflow test along with your spring start up, sprinkler inspection or wet check or fall winterization, you just simply have to let us know! Conveniently schedule an appointment online, give us a call at 888-438-7224 or email us at to schedule your backflow test today!

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