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Trusted Lawn Sprinkler & Irrigation System Repairs, Installation, & Inspections

In today’s busy world, who really has time to properly water their lawn and flower beds? An automatic lawn sprinkler system is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity! If you wish to keep a health, lush, and beautiful landscape around your home you know that it requires constant precise watering. Pacific Lawn Sprinklers can install a new automatic lawn sprinkler system with our state of the art installation equipment in just one day. Free yourself of the task of dragging hoses and moving sprinklers from place to place. If it is an existing lawn sprinklers system you have and would like either service, maintenance or an upgrade Pacific is your answer. An entire fleet of service vehicles are waiting to respond to your request.

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This overview allows you a brief description of the in-ground irrigation sprinkler services that Pacific Lawn Sprinklers offers. For a detailed description please click on one of the services to be taken to that exact page with a full explanation.

Advantages of having an automatic lawn sprinkler system:

  1. You’ll save time - your system will do the watering for you, automatically.
  2. You’ll save water - an automatic lawn sprinkler system uses less water than watering by hand.
  3. You’ll save money – your water bill will be lower and your landscape will live longer and healthier.
  4. You’ll rest easy – the Pacific Lawn Sprinklers name is your assurance of quality, value and performance for over 38 years
  5. You’ll be conserving one of the most precious resources - water

Pacific’s Lawn Sprinkler Installation Services:

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Making the choice to install an automatic lawn sprinkler system may be a difficult decision, but choosing the right company to install it doesn’t have to be. Let Pacific Lawn Sprinklers handle all the details. Since 1980 Pacific has been helping homeowners with that decision and has been delivering turn-key irrigation solutions and service to the tri state area (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut). The process is as simple as you want it to be:

  • A certified designer will develop an irrigation plan for your landscaping based on your input, the available water pressure and volume, site conditions such as sun, shade, wind, existing trees and landscape conditions.
  • The system will be measured off and “flagged out” in the morning according to the designer’s plan and the foreman will make any necessary site condition adjustments required.
  • A highly trained installation team will install your irrigation system (in most cases within one day) with our proven techniques and state of the art pipe laying equipment.
  • All walkways and driveways will be crossed underneath without disturbing them at all.
  • Your new sprinkler system will be thoroughly flushed, adjusted and checked for proper operation using our proprietary 38 point checklist.
  • You will receive a full demonstration and training on your new irrigation system.
  • You will be assured that service or even an answer to a question is only a phone call or mouse click away. Pacific’s customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Pacific’s Lawn Sprinkler’s Maintenance Services:

Complete after care and planned annual maintenance programs for lawn sprinkler systems are offered by Pacific to keep your new irrigation system in proper working order and to ensure that it is the BEST lawn sprinkler system on your block. Not only will your landscape be healthier and look great, but you will be the envy of all of your neighbors. So weather Pacific installed your underground sprinkler system or you need maintenance on your existing lawn sprinkler, Pacific welcomes the chance to service you. Referrals from happy customers to their family and friends are Pacific’s greatest compliment.

  1. Spring Start Ups of lawn sprinkler systems - Pacific will return each spring and start up your new lawn sprinkler system for the season.
  2. Seasonal inspections - Pacific will return throughout the year and inspect your system for peak operation and will make any seasonal adjustments as required.
  3. Winterizations of lawn sprinkler systems - Pacific will return in the late fall to properly shut down your lawn sprinkler system for the approaching winter season.
  4. Backflow Installation and Testing for lawn sprinkler systems – Pacific will install and annually test your new or existing backflow devices as required by most local water authorities. All necessary paperwork will be filed.
  5. Maintenance Programs are available for any home or budget
  6. Water audits are used to monitor and record water usage of existing lawn sprinkler system in an effort to increase the irrigation systems efficiency. Our nationally trained irrigation auditors will perform a thorough evaluation and determine how best to eliminate excessive water usage. Water audits often result in long-term savings on future water bills.
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Pacific’s Lawn Sprinkler Repair Services:

Whether it is for an accidental cut line or to completely alter your existing irrigation system, Pacific’s Service Team is ready for the job. A fleet of local neighborhood service technicians are available to immediately respond to clients’ service requests using our proprietary scheduling and dispatching program. Every service appointment provided by Pacific is backed by our exclusive “ON TIME OR ON US GUARANTEE” .

Common Sprinkler Repairs

  1. Replacement of existing lawn sprinkler heads, valves or control timers
  2. Replacement or installation of rain sensors, moisture sensors, backflow preventers, or shutoff valves
  3. Repairing of polyethylene sprinkler tubing or PVC later piping
  4. Upgrading an existing system to a state of the art water conservation lawn sprinkler system

Call us today to schedule an appointment to receive a FREE evaluation for a new lawn sprinkler system or to request any of the services Pacific Lawn Sprinklers has to offer. Your request will be handled immediately by a friendly and knowledgeable customer service representative. You can also conveniently schedule an appointment online. We offer a variety of appointments, including weekend, early morning, and late afternoon.

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