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Sprinkler Pumps

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A sprinkler pump does exactly what it sounds like! A sprinkler pump is designed to pump water from a well or body of water to supply water to an in-ground irrigation system. These pumps are made to provide a steady, moderate to high flow of water at a specific pressure to ensure your system delivers enough water to your lawn, shrubs, and flowers. Typically pumps will also save you money on water bills because you won’t have to use drinkable/ potable water from your local water utility company. Sprinkler pumps are most commonly used in Florida because the water table is so high and can pull water from other water sources such as a well, lake, or canal. Buying a pump from a big box store is not recommended because Pacific Lawn Sprinklers installs commercial grade pumps by manufacturers such as Berkley, Goulds, and Sta-Rite. Further, we recommend professional installation because if not installed and primed correctly, pumps can “burn out” and lead to very costly repairs.

There are three sprinkler pumps that are commonly used in the irrigation industry:

  • 1. Centrifugal pump – this pump is by far the most commonly used pump in the irrigation industry, specifically in the state of Florida. A centrifugal pump works with a pump start relay and pulls water from wells, lakes and canals. The most common centrifugal pump we use on standard residential systems is 1.5 horsepower. Our highly trained Pacific Lawn Sprinklers technicians can both install and service centrifugal pumps.
  • 2. Jet pump – this pump is an above ground pump that works with a pressure switch and a pressure tank. This pump is typically installed when a system needs to be under constant pressure. Pacific can both install and service these pumps for your irrigation system.
  • 3. Submersible pump – this pump works for deep wells or lakes. Typically this pump will be encased inside the bottom of a well, completely under water. Since this type of pump requires deep well-drilling and is not commonly used for residential irrigation systems, Pacific Lawn Sprinklers does not install or service submersible pumps.
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Pressure Tanks & Repairs

As mentioned above, pressure tanks are commonly used with jet pumps. A pressure tank is a canister that tees into the water line, and helps the watering system to gently cycle on and off when water is needed. A common misconception is that pressure tanks store water, however this is not true. Pressure tanks are actually filled halfway with air to help apply and maintain constant pressure when water is not running. Water does not actually flow through a pressure tank, as it just sits on the mainline. The pressure tank works in correlation with the pressure switch to maintain a constant pressure when no water is flowing so the jet pump ‘knows’ not to turn on

A repair or replacement of the pressure tank or pressure switch is often needed when your system is short cycling. In simple terms, short cycling means that there is an insufficient air charge in the pressure tank. Your irrigation system ‘calls’ for water, but since there is a loss of air charge, the pump will turn on and off rapidly. It is important to Contact us or schedule a service call immediately when this happens because continuous short cycling can permanently damage pump controls, the irrigation pump, the pressure tank, or the pressure switch. The main causes of short cycling are a defective pressure switch, faulty pressure tank, or improper water flow rate

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Pump Priming

Pump priming issues – If your pump is malfunctioning, there could be several issues that your Pacific Lawn Sprinklers technician will need to troubleshot. If the water pump will not prime, we will check for any leaks or air gaps. We need to make sure there is a complete removal of air from intake/ suction line.

We will also need to make sure the check valve or foot valve is sealing and holding properly.

  • A check valve is a brass or pvc device that stops the flow of water with a spring or rubber seal. It holds water in place on the sprinkler line and is commonly found right next to the pump, right at the bank of the canal or lake, or next to the well head.
  • Foot valves are submersed in the canal/ lake or in the well at the end of the pipe. They function similarly to the check valve and hold water in place on the sprinkler line, but they also have a screen at the end of the valve. Since foot valves “sit” elevated in the water, the screen ensures that when the water current pulls, the valve does not collect debris or sediment that can clog it. When pulling from any body of water, the suction line needs a screen to protect check valve and pump. Debris will cause a check valve to fail and pump to lose prime. You can use what is called a lake screen or a canal screen to prevent debris from blocking water flow and damaging the pump. Lastly, antimicrobial screens can be used as well because they help prevent the buildup of algae and are designed to last.
  • Duck floats– Pacific Lawn Sprinklers strongly recommends the installation of duck floats. Duck floats look exactly what they sound like and keep a foot valve or lake screen elevated in a canal or lake so it can pull clean water. Since the bottom of canals and lakes are dirty and contain debris and rocks, a duck float will ensure that your foot valve or lake screen is constantly filtering in clean water. If the foot valve or lake screen sits at the bottom of your canal or lake, the screen could possibly get clogged and restrict water flow. In addition, you run the risk of getting sediment into the suction line, which could do potential damage to your irrigation components down the line.
    Local lawn sprinkler repair company

Pump Start Relay – A pump start relay is an electrical device that allows your irrigation timer to communicate with the pump. This device is imperative when you are using a pump to supply water to your irrigation system. Pumps are built to use normal house currents; the relay acts as a switch and sends power to the pump only when “told so” by the irrigation controller. When a pump is to be operated by the controller, a pump start relay must be used. At Pacific, our highly trained irrigation technicians can both connect and install a pump relay to your system, as well as troubleshoot if the relay is not working correctly. A pump can often malfunction if it is not set to the proper voltage or if it is not wired correctly. Pacific will check to ensure your pump is set to the proper voltage. For residential systems, pumps are typically set to 120 volts or 240 volts, depending on the size of the system.

Other Common Sprinkler Pump Repairs

Water Pressure issues: One of the most common service calls we get regarding pumps is the water pressure. Our irrigation experts will take a series of steps to troubleshoot the water pressure issue, but we first make sure that your sprinkler pipe size is correct and evaluate that the water flow output matches the intake rate.

Indexing Valve Replacement: Indexing valves are commonly used on pump applications, and allow an irrigation system to automatically change from one irrigation zone to the next. Although considered “older technology”, they are often used with pump systems because they are considered more tolerable in dirty water applications. However upgrading to electric solenoid vales is becoming more and more popular and we at Pacific strongly recommend it. Mechanical to Smart Wifi Controller conversions is recommended for water conservation and to gain better control of your irrigation system. When your system utilizes solenoid valves, you can set each irrigation zone to run for any specific amount of time you desire. This is considered both energy and water efficient. However with indexing valves, you can only run your zones in increments of 12 minutes and CANNOT deviate. This means if a zone only requires a 5 minute run time, you still have to set the zone to water for 12 minutes. This wastes both your water and money!

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Mechanical Timer Replacement – These timers are most commonly known as Intermatic timers and are also considered older technology within the irrigation industry. Intermatic timers control either a pump or a single solenoid valve to turn on and off each zone of an indexing valve. Again, there is a lack of control and watering efficiency because you have to run each zone at a minimum of 12 minutes or in 12 minute increments. We strongly recommend upgrading to a newer controller, such as a Smart WIFI Controller to program and operate your irrigation system directly from your cell phone, and to maximize watering efficiency and water conservation.

Pacific Lawn Sprinklers is licensed and insured to install wifi controllers
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Rid O’ Rust System

Pacific Lawn Sprinklers can install a Rid O’ Rust System for your sprinkler irrigation system! Although well water is free, it often contains iron and rust. Consequently, if your irrigation system is pumping from well water, every time your irrigation system runs, it can leave rust stains on your sidewalk, driveway, sides of your house, fence, or even directly on your grass and plants! Installing a Rid O’ Rust System tank will help prevent these rust stains. The way it works is that the tank attaches to your sprinkler system and siphons a chemical solution into the irrigation line to treat the water that is then pumped into the sprinklers. By treating the water that is being pumped into the irrigation line, this rid o’ rust system will help prevent well water rust staining.

Sprinkler wells – Although Pacific Lawn Sprinklers does not install wells or service wells, but we do install and service sprinkler systems that utilize a well.

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