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Automatic Lawn Sprinklers – Sprinkler Inspection- Repairs – Installations

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Since 1980, Pacific Lawn Sprinklers has been offering lawn sprinkler inspections and service visits to keep your grass, flowers, and shrubs thriving! Due to changes in weather, landscape growth, and natural wear and tear, it is important to maintain your lawn irrigation or garden irrigation system. Seasonal inspections and service visits help ensure your irrigation system is operating at its peak performance. With Pacific, there are NO CONTRACTS, NO PREPAYMENTS and you are NEVER locked into a contract! We simply offer PAY AS YOU GO lawn sprinkler service!

Whether you are looking to maintain or upgrade your existing lawn sprinkler system or garden irrigation system, Pacific Lawn Sprinklers is at your service! We offer a cutting edge scheduling process that allows you to either be prescheduled automatically, phone or email in a request, or utilize our convenient online scheduling feature. We will be there when we say we will – OR WE PAY YOU! Every service appointment is backed by our exclusive ON TIME OR ON US GUARANTEE.

Sprinkler Inspections and service visits should be performed AT LEAST once a year. Pacific Lawn Sprinklers’ 13 Point Checklist is what separates the DIY guy, the handyman, and the landscaper from the professionally trained irrigation technicians. Pacific will perform the following:

  • Inspect and adjust zones and heads for proper operation, coverage and efficiency
  • Inspect and adjust system for changes in shrub growth and varying weather conditions
  • Check each zone for the correct performance pressure
  • Trim grass around sprinkler heads for best performance
  • Inspect & pressure test main lines and zone valves
  • Inspect lateral lines and valve boxes for leaks
  • Check and flush or replace all filters for systems with a well water supply, drip irrigation or pop up heads
  • Review and adjust electronic control valves, control wiring and any isolation shut off valves
  • Reset timer to maximize watering efficiency
  • Adjust automatic rain sensor for proper operation
  • Any alterations, modifications or sprinkler system repairs needed will be noted.

Some common irrigation repairs /adjustments are:

  • Raise irrigation sprinkler heads due to shrub or flower growth
  • Relocate sprinkler heads due to shrub or flower growth, landscape changes, or tree, fence or pool installations.
  • Replace clogged nozzles
  • Repair leaks in lawn sprinkler system lines
  • Adjust sprinkler heads for direction and volume required for the specific area they are watering.
  • Recalibrate or replace any defective electric solenoid valves
Professional lawn sprinkler installations
  • Any additional sprinkler system repairs or proposed alterations will be discussed and a quote will be provided. Depending upon the extent of the work it will be completed at this visit or rescheduled if additional time is required.
  • The system will be rechecked once the lawn sprinkler system repairs are completed. The system is now ready to operate at its peak performance and maximize water efficiency.

Please call us today at 888-438-7224 and speak to one of our friendly customer service representatives to schedule your appointment! You can also simply schedule your inspection/ SERVICE VISIT by using our convenient online scheduling feature

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