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Happy 40th Birthday to Pacific Lawn Sprinklers!

Annual Pacific Lawn Sprinklers Team Meeting

Every March we host our annual team meeting for all of the Pacific technicians and office staff. Every year we have over 100 people in attendance and the energy level is high! The annual agenda includes information on new technological advances in the irrigation industry, new customer promotions and offers, the importance of quality customer service both in the field and from the office, technician awards, team building exercises, and much more. We love getting all of our members together because it truly shows the strength of the Pacific Team. Our collective knowledge and years of field experience are truly invaluable. This season we are ALL looking forward to delivering the quality customer service that Pacific Lawn Sprinklers stands for!

Technician Training

The Pacific Lawn Sprinklers Family continues to grow! We further expanded our service areas in New York, New Jersey, Ohio, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Florida! Our technician trainings cover EVERYTHING in the Pacific System and irrigation technicians learn from our team of professionals with over 250 years of collective field experience. The multifaceted training included both classroom style learning as well as hands on field training. Our team is dedicated to delivering the quality customer service that our clients expect from us. We are truly excited for the upcoming season!

Office Refresher Training

In late March we also hold our Annual Spring Refresher Meeting for our office Staff! This is a fun meeting where we not only learn about new procedures and updates for the upcoming season, but play team building games and group exercises!

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