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Lawn Sprinkler System SPRING START UPS and Lawn Sprinkler System opening:

Spring Startups are also known as “Summerizing”, “Water Sprinkler Turn-On”, “In ground Sprinkler Start Up” and “Sprinkler System Set Up”.

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Pacific Lawn Sprinklers offers PAY AS YOU GO service, and you are NEVER locked into a contract. Pacific understands that most people are extremely busy and cannot be inconvenienced with missed appointments or broken promises regarding their garden irrigation system. That’s why we have the most cutting edge scheduling process that allows you to either be prescheduled automatically, phone or email in a request, or utilize our convenient online scheduling feature. We will be there when we say we will – OR WE PAY YOU!

THE TIME IS NOW! At the beginning of every spring, your garden irrigation and lawn sprinkler system must be properly opened and set up for the coming season. Of course the BEST time for a spring start up is weather related and varies year to year, but anytime from the end of March right through May can be the best time to have your lawn and garden irrigation system activated. We know you want your backyard, patios, gardens, and terraces ready for those fun summer day and nights, so Pacific is here to help! The average spring start up or sprinkler system opening price is $80, depending on the size of the system. However we often run promotions for new clients, so be sure to check out our local promotions page!

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The long winter, freezing temperatures and snow can be extremely harsh on your lawn sprinkler system’s components. A systematic and professional spring start up process for your sprinkler system must be performed to ensure the irrigation system is in top working order. A common misconception is that a sprinkler system turn on is “just turning on the valve”. On the contrary, Pacific Lawn Sprinklers has detailed, proven irrigation solutions to ensure your sprinkler system is operating at its best.

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Pacific Lawn Sprinklers’ 10 Point Checklist is what separates the DIY guy, the handyman, and the landscaper from the professionally trained irrigation technicians. Pacific will perform the following:

  1. Reseal all plugs and drain valves
  2. Slowly open the supply valves and pressurize supply lines and water mains
  3. Perform a complete visual inspection of the main lines, backflow devices, and valve manifolds
  4. Re-energize the power to the control timer, booster pumps or well systems
  5. Energize each individual zone and perform a detailed inspection of the lateral supply lines. Check sprinkler heads, risers, drip irrigation lines or emitters for proper operation and direction. Each area is reviewed for proper coverage and the correct performance pressure. Any alteration, modification or sprinkler system repair needed will be noted. Several common repairs/adjustments are:
    • Garden irrigation sprinklers may need to be raised due to shrub or flower growth.
    • Pop up sprinkler heads many need to be relocated due to shrub or flower growth, landscape changes, or tree, fence or pool installations.
    • Replace any clogged nozzles
    • Repair leaks in lawn sprinkler system lines
    • Adjust sprinkler heads for direction and volume required for the specific area they are watering.
    • Recalibrate or replace any defective electric solenoid valves
  6. Other inspections and adjustments to the automatic rain sensors, electronic control valves, control wiring and any isolation shut off valves shall be performed
  7. All additional sprinkler system repairs or proposed alterations will be discussed and a quote will be provided. Depending upon the extent of the work it will be completed at this visit or rescheduled if additional time is required.
  8. The lawn sprinkler control timer will be reprogrammed for the proper settings and the battery backup will be replaced.
  9. The system will be rechecked once the sprinkler system repairs or garden irrigation alterations are completed. The system is now ready for the spring season.
  10. Annual Backflow Testing: The members of the Pacific Lawn Sprinklers team are State certified backflow testers that will perform the required annual testing to ensure that your backflow device is operating properly. Pacific sprinkler technicians utilize calibrated testing devices to assure your drinking water is free of any containments in the garden irrigation lines. Pacific then submits all necessary paperwork to your designated governing water authority. *available upon request at an additional cost.
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Review our Maintenance Page for a detailed description of the other services provided throughout the season. From the Spring Start Up to the sprinkler system winterization, Pacific Lawn Sprinklers has you covered and will be at your service to ensure your lawn sprinkler system is providing the best possible irrigation to your lawn and landscape. And remember, all of our service appointment are backed by our exclusive “ON TIME OR ON US GUARANTEE” .

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