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Lawn Sprinkler Installations

An automatic lawn sprinkler irrigation system is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity! Since 1980, Pacific Lawn Sprinklers has been designing, installing and servicing lawn irrigation systems. Over the years, Pacific’s unique process for the installation of sprinkler systems has been customized for each individual home and landscape design. An irrigation installation begins with the design by one of our lawn sprinkler professionals, is carried through with our installation team on site, and is completed with the final demonstration of your new sprinkler system! Pacific Lawn Sprinklers is fully licensed and insured and always delivers unmatched quality customer service you can rely on!

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Benefits of a Lawn Sprinkler System


    – your system will water automatically! This means no more manual watering and no more dragging the hose across your lawn!


    – your system will be controlled by the latest technology and will automatically adjust watering times based on data from local weather stations. Automatic sprinkler systems also eliminate water waste and over-watering.


    – your system will deliver the proper amount of water to just the right areas and your landscaping will thrive and flourish due to consistent adequate watering


    – knowing that your irrigation system was installed and serviced by the leading name in the irrigation industry, Pacific Lawn Sprinklers. Pacific has been in the industry for over years and our name is synonymous with quality, value and reliability!


    - An irrigation system not only increases your home’s curb appeal, but increases the value of your property as well!

New Installations

Professional lawn sprinkler installations

To begin, a Pacific Lawn Sprinklers automatic irrigation designer will meet with you at your home to evaluate and discuss the watering requirements for your landscape. The Pacific team has done extensive research into environmental elements and how certain factors such as terrain elevations, excessive shade, sunlight or poor drainage can affect your lawn sprinkler design and installation. A thorough evaluation of the water pressure, water volume, and electrical sources are performed to ensure that all dynamics are considered during the irrigation design phase. We will also need to review your current landscape and will ask if you have plans to make any changes in the future, such as a fence or pool installation. As a family inspired business, Pacific Lawn Sprinklers understands the pride owners have in their home. This is why we take the utmost care while formatting and designing your irrigation system. Our irrigation specialists will guide you into the best lawn sprinkler system for your home and budget. We even offer payment options through Wisetack Financing. Have your lawn sprinkler system installed NOW and pay LATER! Learn more about our financing options here. And keep in mind that our estimates are ALWAYS FREE! Once you let us know you would like to go ahead, we will schedule your installation! Our Sales Department will work behind the scenes on your installation ensuring all paperwork is filed with your town or local municipalities. Depending on your water company and local code, we will file permits, secure a mark out, and submit all necessary paperwork (if contracted). Once this is completed, the Sales Department will schedule your installation!

Price Match Guarantee

Professional lawn sprinkler installations

Pacific Lawn Sprinklers is so confident that we can provide the highest quality sprinkler installation at the most competitive price that we offer a price match guarantee for all installations. This means that if you receive a lower estimate from another irrigation company offering the same irrigation system, we will MATCH their lower price! The competitor’s company must be licensed and insured, an Accredited Business of the Better Business Bureau and a member of the Irrigation Association. The price quote must be within 6 months and cannot be combined with any other offer. If these requirements are met we will be happy to match their price!

Installation Day

The day of your lawn sprinkler installation is an exciting one! During the span of roughly 10 hours, the Pacific Lawn Sprinklers Team will completely transform your lawn and landscape- leaving little or no ‘evidence’ behind! In fact when you read our customer testimonials one of the most common compliments we receive is how great the property looks once we complete an installation! On the morning of your installation, our foreman and installation crew will be outside your door bright and early! Our trucks are bright yellow, and every member of the Pacific Team will be wearing a blue logoed Pacific Lawn Sprinklers uniform. You will see the foreman flagging your property and shortly thereafter the install crews will begin working – digging, laying pipe, installing sprinkler heads, building the manifold, mounting the controller and much more. Pacific Lawn Sprinklers is an authorized service representative for all the major lawn sprinkler product lines and manufacturers such as: Hunter Industries, Toro Lawn Sprinklers, Rainbird Sprinklers, Netafim Drip Irrigation Products, Weathermatic, Irritrol and K Rain. Our team of experienced installers will install the state of the art system you dreamed of! At the conclusion of your installation, our team will walk you through the system and show you how to operate your controller. We want you to be completely happy with the installation and even offer a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee!

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Financing Options

Professional lawn sprinkler installations

Pacific Lawn Sprinklers is proud to offer payment options though Wisetack Financing! This means you can have your installation done NOW, and pay for it over time. The prequalification form takes about a minute to complete, and checking your options does not impact your credit score. Through Wisetack, once the application is complete, you will receive up to 6 financing offers with APR ranging from 0% to 35.9%, with terms of 3 months to 36 months depending on the financing option you select! To see if you prequalify click here.


The Pacific team will not only recommend the ideal system for the beautification of your property, but will utilize the “smartest” and latest technology in the irrigation industry. Pacific Lawn is able to offer water-efficient systems utilizing SMART technology – Sustainably managed, accountable, responsible and trusted irrigation. We do this by installing Smart Wi-Fi enabled controllers, installing wireless rain sensors, utilizing water-saving nozzles and much more! By popular demand, Smart Controllers, have become the norm when installing a sprinkler system. According to the National Irrigation Association, smart controllers:

  • SAVE WATER: Smart systems automatically suspend watering during rain, freezing or high wind conditions. Careful scheduling minimizes evaporation and encourages water to soak in, reducing the total amount of water needed. Preventing overwatering actually keeps plants healthier by encouraging stronger roots and discouraging weeds, disease and fungus growth.
  • SAVE MONEY: Smart systems can reduce your annual water bill by as much as 30 percent by preventing water waste. In addition, many local water providers offer rebates for purchasing specific smart controllers.
  • SAVE TIME: Once our installation team has programmed your site data into the smart system, the controller adjusts the watering schedule based upon local weather conditions and soil moisture without you having to do anything!
  • ADD CONVENIENCE: Smart controllers adapt to seasonal weather changes without requiring reprogramming. And their “set and forget” technology is perfect for complying with any local watering restrictions, and for when you go on vacation!
Best lawn sprinkler installation company

PLUS, what our customers describe as the “coolest part”, is you can control your sprinkler system from anywhere using your smart phone, tablet, or computer! Simply go onto your app and update the irrigation system’s settings, check watering history, and manually run zones. This especially comes in handy in the summer when your kids want to run through the sprinklers!

Vibratory Plows

Using a vibratory plow is Pacific’s preferred method when installing lawn sprinklers. A vibratory plow utilizes a long, slender blade that extends from the front of the plow into the ground, and the blade is pulled along as the plow moves. The plow’s motor then rapidly vibrates the blade, making it easier to pull along than a static blade. The vibratory plow effectively pulls the piping through the surface, into the ground. Usually, a reel or similar apparatus unloads the irrigation pipe into the ground behind the blade as the groove is cut. The plow makes very narrow incisions or ‘cuts’ in the ground, which means there is very little damage to the ground’s surface.

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Trenching Machines

While utilizing a vibratory plow is Pacific Lawn Sprinklers preferred method, it is not always feasible. There may be a situation where the property size does not allow for a machine to enter the property, or the ground is rocky. In these cases, Pacific Lawn Sprinklers will use a trenching machine- a powerful device with a large chain that digs a trench in the lawn. Irrigation pipes are placed in the trench, and then our team covers the area with the original soil that the machine dug out. While this method is just as effective, it can take your lawn and landscape a longer time to ‘heal’ since the tranches are bigger and wider.

Best lawn sprinkler installation company

Hand Digging

Although not common, there are times that Pacific Lawn Sprinklers will need to dig the trenches for the irrigation by hand. For delicate areas such as flowerbeds and vegetable gardens, Pacific uses the tried and true method of hand trenching to preserve the integrity of the existing root structure and plant material.


Every residential sprinkler installation is backed by our 1-year warranty against defective materials and workmanship. We also offer extended 3 year manufacturer or 5 year manufacturer warranty options. During the warranty period, Pacific Lawn Sprinklers must perform the lawn sprinkler start up, periodic inspections and sprinkler winterization for the warranty to remain in effect. We want you to be fully satisfied with Pacific Lawn Sprinklers and even offer a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee as one of our Customer Loyalty Programs. We will work diligently to make sure you are happy with your new sprinkler system and the service we provide!

Lawn Sprinkler System Maintenance

Now that your system is installed, it will require yearly service to ensure the system is operating at peak performance! Depending on your geographic location, your sprinkler system will need a spring turn on, periodic inspections and a fall shut down or blow out.

When the weather gets warmer, and spring is in the air, Pacific will come back to your home to “turn on” your irrigation system. More commonly known as a spring start up, our team will perform a professional spring turn on to ensure the irrigation system is in top working order. This process includes inspecting the main lines and manifold, checking sprinkler heads for proper operation and direction, programming your control timer and more. Lawn sprinkler inspections or service visits should be performed at least once a year. Due to changes in weather, landscape or shrub growth, and natural ware and tear, it is important to ensure your system is operating efficiently! At a sprinkler inspection, Pacific will review your system and make any adjustment necessary to keep your grass, shrubs and flowers thriving. This can include increasing watering durations, pressure testing the main lines and zone valves, replacing filters, and more. Finally, a lawn sprinkler winterization helps prevent your system from freezing when the cold weather ensues and temperatures drop. Using a regulated air compressor, Pacific will remove all water from the pipes, backflow preventer, sprinkler heads, and fittings. If not performed properly, damage can result to the irrigation system and will be evident the following season when the sprinkler system is started up again. Our friendly customer service representatives are always ready to help you schedule these appointments, or you can schedule online at your convenience!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I schedule a lawn sprinkler estimate?

  • You can conveniently schedule a FREE estimate online, or give our friendly customer service representatives a call at 888-438-7224 to schedule an appointment that fits your schedule. We offer a variety of appointments including weekends, early mornings and late afternoons. A Pacific Lawn Sprinklers automatic irrigation designer will then meet with you at your home to review and evaluate the watering requirements for your lawn and landscape. Upon this thorough review, your estimator will provide a FREE estimate ON THE SPOT! You can decide to review the estimate with the estimator on site, or you can review it at your leisure and simply contact us when you are ready.

How much will my new irrigation system cost?

  • The price of an automatic lawn sprinkler system varies based upon the size of your property, water pressure, plumbing, and local permit fees, etc. For these reasons, Pacific Lawn Sprinklers offers FREE estimates. Once we come to your home, learn about what you are looking for and review your property, we will be able to provide an estimate. The average cost of an irrigation system is between $2,500 and $5,000.

How long will my lawn sprinkler installation take?

  • Scared of installing a lawn sprinkler irrigation system at your home? We know what you are thinking, if you install a lawn sprinkler system now, the project will go on for days and completely rip up your lawn and garden, destroying you grass and flowers, right? WRONG! Contrary to what most people think, Pacific Lawn Sprinklers completes most lawn sprinkler installations in just ONE day!

What are the benefits of an automatic sprinkler system?

  • Aside from the obvious beautification of your lawn and plants, an underground sprinkler system has some added benefits! Say goodbye to dragging a hose across your lawn and manually watering for hours- a lawn sprinkler system will do the work for you! In addition to the convenience and saved time, a lawn sprinkler system will save you money! When manually watering, you often “overwater”. Inconsistent watering and too much water can cause damage to your lawn and flowers. Without automatic sprinklers, your lawn, trees, and garden could struggle to get the correct amount of water they need to thrive.

How does a lawn sprinkler system conserve water?

  • Pacific Lawn Sprinklers will design your system to provide consistent, adequate and efficient watering to your grass, shrubs, and flowers without over-watering. The proper watering schedule will be set to minimize water waste caused by runoff. In addition, a rain sensor will automatically turn off the system if there has been significant rain and a smart wifi controller will automatically reduce watering time based on local weather conditions and wind speed. You can rest assure that Pacific will provide you with the most efficient system possible.

Does Pacific Lawn Sprinklers recommend the installation of a Smart Wifi Controller?

  • Pacific Lawn Sprinklers STRONGLY recommends Smart Wifi Controllers because they are part of the cutting edge technology in the industry! Using a cloud based software, Smart Controllers will automatically adjust watering time and frequency based on real time data received from local weather stations. Moreover, you can control your system from ANYWHERE using your smart phone or tablet. For example, say you are away for the weekend and you get notified from your gardener that they put down weed control, and ask that you DO NOT water the lawn for a couple of days. NO problem- simply suspend the system for 2 days directly from your phone, it is that easy!

How do I know I am getting a quality irrigation system?

  • Pacific Lawn Sprinklers has been in the lawn sprinkler irrigation business for over 43 years. As the leading name in the industry, we are an authorized service representative for all the major lawn sprinkler product lines and manufacturers such as: Hunter Industries, Toro Lawn Sprinklers, Rainbird Sprinklers, Netafim Drip Irrigation Products, Weathermatic, Irritrol and K Rain. We have been the recipient of Angi and HomeAdvisor Service awards for the past 10 years and are well-known for our quality and reliable service. We encourage you to read our client testimonials to see what our current customers are saying!

How Does Pacific Lawn Sprinklers stand out from other irrigation companies?

  • Pacific Lawn Sprinklers has been in the irrigation industry for over 43 years. We specialize in installing and servicing both residential and commercial lawn sprinkler irrigation systems. Pacific is fully licensed and insured, is part of the Better Business Bureau and is a member of the National Irrigation Association. All of our team members are irrigation certified and complete an extensive irrigation training. At Pacific we pride ourselves on offering quality customer service, and even offer 100% Customer Satisfaction. Need further assurance? Take a look at our customer reviews to read what our customer’s are saying!

Understanding the Components of an Underground Sprinkler System:

Quality Control and Pacific’s 38 Point Check List

Every new lawn sprinkler installation is not considered complete until the job foremen have performed Pacific’s unique 38 point inspection checklist. This has been developed exclusively by Pacific Lawn Sprinklers to ensure that your new lawn sprinkler system has been installed according to Pacific’s standards and that no detailed was overlooked. Strict measures of high quality work had helped Pacific to make sure the job is “done once and done right”. This type of focus and attention has offered Pacific the advantage of exceeding our client’s expectations and receiving numerous referrals to family and friends. Many of the systems we have design and installed over the years are currently performing thru out New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Ohio, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida. All lawn sprinkler systems are not created equal. So put away your garden hose and let Pacific Lawn Sprinklers do the watering for you - automatically .You’ll have greener grass, a healthier landscape and much more time to smell the roses instead of watering them!

Controller - Watering Timer

Also known as “the brain” of the lawn sprinkler system, the controller enables both the contractor and the homeowner to set watering times, frequency and/or specific days of the week you would like the system to run. Many towns and Villages have specific times that you are allowed to water your landscape and these restrictions can be handled by properly programming the automatic sprinkler controller. Specific religious requests can be met such as NO watering on Saturday or Sunday. The easy to use interface and simplified programming is designed to help make your lawn watering process a snap. We also install Smart Wifi irrigation controllers. Wifi controllers are now the leading trend in the industry, because you can operate your system from ANYWHERE using your smart phone or tablet! Once installed, a Pacific Lawn Sprinkler technician will demonstrate for you that with just a few button-clicks, you will be able to manage your new automatic system like a PRO lawn sprinkler tech. How many times have you left your old manual sprinkler running for hours before you remembered to shut it off?

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation also known as sub-surface irrigation was invented in Israel to irrigate crops in the desert. This style of watering is the most efficient and cost effective in terms of water usage. A series or tubes with built in weep holes (called emitters) are placed throughout the shrub bed or garden area slowly and precisely delivering drip after drip of water directly into the soil at the root source. No water is wasted on runoff or wind drift making drip irrigation the most efficient form of irrigation available. Another form of drip irrigation is the design and use of small individual tubes (called “spaghetti lines”) which are attached to a perimeter supply line and extend into the planters or pots that require watering. These lines and emitters are all controlled by the control timer for frequency and duration. Many times drip installations are used on “GREEN ROOFS” and outdoor terraces that have isolated planters or potted flowers. A drip irrigation system can actually be working unnoticeably while the owner is relaxing or entertaining on their terrace or patio.

Rotary Sprinkler Heads

Larger lawn areas require the use of a different type of sprinkler called a rotary head. These heads come in different sizes (4”, 6”, 12”) pop up style to rise up out of the grass or behind large shrubs. A rotary head will spray a heavier stream of rotating water that is delivered to a much larger area. By designing an area with rotary heads it is important that the designed pay close attention to the overlapping coverage which is required when use these style sprinkler heads. By rotating and spraying anywhere from 15’- 60’ (depending upon available water volume and pressure) these heads can be extremely cost effective. The heavier stream and the force of the water help to minimize the loss of water to wind drift. When the watering is complete, rotary heads will retract back down either into the lawn or into the shrubs and will be completely unnoticeable. Many people find these heads aesthetically pleasing and feel a sense of peace while the system is operating.

Mist Sprinkler Heads

Many smaller properties, delicate shrub beds and even vegetable gardens are the perfect application for sprinkler mist heads. They can be either pop up style (4”, 6”, 12”) or they can be on stationary risers positioned behind larger shrubs to spray over. Most mist sprinkler heads are used in smaller lawn areas and shrub beds because their watering pattern is easily adjusted and can be designed to eliminate over spraying onto walkways, the side of your house or your neighbor’s yard. Pacific Lawn Sprinklers will only install the most reliable and trouble-free sprinklers that utilize an automatic retractable shaft so when the watering cycle is finished the head will completely go back into the lawn area so there is no interference with lawn mowers, children playing or foot traffic. With over 41 years in the business Pacific has tested and chosen only the best commercially rated products that are available today for your home lawn sprinkler system.

Backflow Preventor

A backflow preventor offers an additional level of protection against the possible chance of the irrigation water backing up into and contaminating your domestic drinking (potable) water. Fertilizer, weed killers, pesticides and pet waste have the potential chance of entering the water supply through your irrigation system, but a backflow device helps prevent this from happening. Depending on your local water company, a backflow device requires an annual inspection or test to ensure that the valve is working properly and the risk of contamination is diminished. Pacific Lawn Sprinklers' Certified Backflow Testers can perform the annual test using accurately calibrated testing devices to ensure your backflow preventor is working properly.

Automatic Rain Sensors

This device saves you money not only by reducing the amount of water you use but will also help to make you lush and beautiful landscaping will be healthier and develop a stronger root system. An automatic rain sensor alerts your lawn sprinkler system controller (also known as the” brain” of the system ) to suspend the watering cycle in the event of rain. The rain sensor will detect the amount of rainfall and will only allow the system to activate again on the next preset time if the correct moisture is required. How many times have you seen your neighbors watering their lawns in the rain?

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