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BUY or LEASE Your Holiday Lights:

BUY or LEASE Your Holiday Lights:

what is the BEST option for you?

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Have you ever thought about the different offers for decorating holiday lights? Some companies offer a leasing option to install Christmas lights on your home and bushes every year for a set price. Most of the time it is a couple of thousand dollars, depending upon the size of the home and shrubs. This price will also include the company returning after the season, removing the lights, and storing them until next season. Sounds like a great option- right?


DON’T BE FOOLED- though purchasing your lights and holiday displays through Pacific may be a higher cost for the first year, that investment is well worth it year after year. Once you obtain your initial design scene, your large purchase is over. Every year afterwards, Pacific’s Holiday Team will contact you to set up and take down the lights and displays for a fraction of the cost of LEASING or RENTING. Pacific even offers storage, if you prefer.

When leasing or renting holiday displays, the cost per year NEVER decreases and you must pay for them year after year. When you purchase your lights and displays through Pacific, you OWN your material. If storage is required, Pacific Lights is more than happy to provide that service, but your lights and decorations are yours. You are free to take them with you if you move, install them yourself if you wish, or any other option you want - they are yours!

Companies who lease you the lights for the season hold the material, and never give you the lights if you don’t sign up for their expensive renewal contracts. They also include the price of storage, even if you don’t need it. Don’t fall for sales gimmicks!

It’s simple math - a onetime purchase for a few thousand dollars, along with scheduled follow up service year after year for only a few hundred dollars far outweighs leasing or renting, and paying thousands of dollars every year, and never owning anything!

Pacific Lights has been installing Christmas lights and displays for over 35 years and we feel our clients should be free to choose whatever option they wish, without expensive contracts or demands. We are here to make this a simple stress-free service and will work with you in any way you wish.

Call today to meet with one of our designers and create a holiday scene that will be the envy of your neighbors!


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