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Tired of high water bills or plants that continually seem to underperform or wither away?

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Tired of high water bills or plants that continually seem to underperform or wither away?

The solution could be that you are over watering . Let Pacific Lawn Sprinklers Auditing Team conduct a full evaluation of your existing irrigation system and identify your systems inefficiencies or misuse of water.

A thorough review of your system’s water consumption, operating pressure, run times, cycle frequencies, location and performance of sprinkler heads and solenoid valves will be performed. Environmental conditions and soil compositions will be evaluated to ensure that all factors have been considered. Calculations and cost effective measures will be discussed and a retro fit for your existing system will be proposed. A Toro “Water Smart” retro fit will upgrade your system to the most state of the art water conserving irrigation components.

Some of the available upgrades are:



Add a Toro® Precision™ Soil Sensor:

  • No digging required
  • Wireless up to 500 ft. line of sight
Toro Advantage: Prevent under- and over-watering, saving you up to 35%*

Replace Fixed Spray Nozzles with Toro Precision™ Spray Nozzles:

  • Solves low pressure problems
  • Minimizes runoff
Toro Advantage: Patented H²O Chip provides better uniformity and uses up to 30%** less water than competitive nozzles

Replace Sprays with >14’ Spacing with Toro Precision™ Rotating Nozzles:

  • Reduces irrigation run times
  • Lower angle of trajectory fights wind
Toro Advantage: Only two models required for all arcs and distances from 14’-26’


Immediate Savings

Replace Existing Controller with the Toro EVOLUTION™

  • Intuitive Interface/Programming
  • USB Port for computer setup, updates and more
Toro Advantage: Smart Connect™ allows remote, sensors and/or lighting

Replace ¾” Inlet Rotors with the Toro T5:

  • Patented nozzle technology provides excellent uniformity
  • Higher pop-up clears tall grasses
Toro Advantage: An extra inch of pop-up yet fits in the same profile as previously installed rotors

Replace Existing Spray Heads with the Toro 570Z X-Flow® Valve-In-Stem:

  • Prevent geysers
  • Higher pop-up clears tall grasses
Toro Advantage: Patented X-Flow® Valve stops water waste if spray nozzle is missing or damaged


Replace existing Master Valve or Install a Toro P220 Pressure Regulating Valve:

  • Prevent misting due to high pressure
  • EZReg® Regulator optimizes nozzle performance
Toro Advantage: Designed from materials resistant to sensors and/or lighting Expandable Design corrosive chemicals
Cracked or leaking valves are one of the most common reasons for irrigation water loss. Above or below ground, valves are exposed to temperature differences which can affect the plastic over time. Check valves annually for issues.

Install Landscape Drip Irrigation using Toro DL2000® Subsurface Dripline:

  • Ensure water gets to plant roots
  • Prevent spray onto buildings or foundation
Toro Advantage: Patented ROOTGUARD® technology provides an unmatched 7-year warranty against root intrusion

Pacific Lawn Sprinklers will tailor your existing irrigation system to utilize Toro’s “Water Smart” technology to optimize your water usage and to deliver the precise amount of moisture to your landscape at every watering cycle. Pacific’s factory trained representatives will review all options with you and develop a specific plan for your irrigation system and your wallet.

Call Today to schedule an appointment with one of our water auditors at your home and start saving and conserving!


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