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Automatic Lawn Sprinklers - Maintenance - Repairs - Installations

Pacific Lawn Sprinklers offers a variety of irrigation maintenance plans that can be tailored to your individual needs. Whether it is simply a Spring Lawn System Start Up of your lawn sprinkler system, a Fall Winterization of lawn sprinklers or a complete season long inspection package, Pacific is more than happy to accommodate every client's needs and budget. Pay only after the work is completed for only what you want.

So as we turn the clocks forward and the days get longer and warmer, we all tend to begin thinking about the outside landscaping. As you develop your new landscaping plans and landscaping designs it is only natural to consider either maintaining or upgrading your existing lawn irrigation or garden irrigation system .Pacific Lawn Sprinkler’s large recurring customer base is automatically reminded of the approaching season’s lawn sprinkler maintenance requirements by Pacific’s friendly team of customer service representatives. Like clockwork, the staff at Pacific Lawn Sprinklers will send out prescheduled spring startup appointments to kick off the watering season. Pacific is never looking to lock anyone into a contract or commitment like many other lawn sprinkler companies. “Pay as you go” is the motto at Pacific, so simply pick up the phone or hop online to get this season off to a blooming start.

Lawn Sprinkler Systems Installed
  1. SPRING START UPS OF LAWN SPRINKLERS – (also known as) – “Summarizing”, “Turn-Ons”, “Set up for the Season”
  2. FALL WINTERIZATION – (also known as) – “Blow outs”, “Fall Shut Down”, “Closing the Lawn Sprinkler Off”
  3. PRE SUMMER INSPECTION OF LAWN SPRINKLERS - (also known as) – “Early Summer Check Up”, “Seasonal Inspection” – Usually performed in the beginning of the summer (June)
  4. Pacific Lawn Sprinkler’s technicians will return to your home within a month or two after your Spring Start Up and will check your entire irrigation system for proper operation and coverage. The control timer will be readjusted to accommodate the rising summer temperatures to ensure your landscaping is receiving the adequate amount of water. This is a very critical time because a spring setting is not necessarily appropriate for the hot summer ahead. This visit will help to eliminate under watering or poor coverage due to landscape growth or changes. That is why it is call preventive maintenance - this service visit will help to eliminate your flowers or landscaping from wilting or experiencing poor growth. The rain sensor or moisture sensor will also be readjusted for the correct setting for the season. All filters for systems with a well water supply, drip irrigation or pop up heads will be checked, flushed or replaced at this time.

  5. SUMMER INPECTION – (also known as) – “Summer Check Up”, “Seasonal Inspection” – Same as the PRE SUMMER INSPECTION – Usually performed in the middle of the summer (July or August)
  6. POST SUMMER INSPECTION OF LAWN SPRINKLERS – (also known as) – “End of Summer Check Up”, “Seasonal Inspection”, “Fall Inspection” – Usually performed at the beginning of the fall season (September or October) Same as the other two inspections except that this is a very cost effective visit. Many owners will let their system run on the same schedule as they did in the heat of the summer. This is very bad in many ways. First of all, the weather is changing as fall approaches and the temperatures begin to decline. Not only does your landscaping require less water but you could easily over water your flowers and shrubs causing more damage than good. Running your system either too frequent or for too long at this time of the year is wasteful, unhealthy to your landscaping and is one of the best adjustments you can make to reduce your water bill.
  7. BACKFLOW PREVENTOR TESTING – ( also known as) – “Annual backflow test”, “Required Water Company Test”, “Double Check Valve Test”, “DCV Test”, “Lawn Sprinkler Backflow Test”

Please contact one of our friendly customer service representations to custom design a maintenance program to meet your landscapes specific needs and your budget!