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Now is the time to purchase a professionally designed LED landscape lighting system for your home!

Author: John L Dellafiora/Wednesday, June 1, 2016/Categories: News, Landscape Lighting

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Most people feel that LED landscape lighting systems are only installed in resorts and palatial estates due to the cost. However, nothing could be further from the truth. With major advances in technology and the growing demand for landscape lighting, it has become affordable for all. An outdoor lighting system can be designed and installed masterfully and economically for any size home or entertaining area.

LED technology has reduced the size of the transformers and the amount of wires required, and, has drastically reduced the cost of the fixtures and bulbs. Most systems can be installed within one day and will usually be heavily discounted if installed at the same time as a new irrigation system. The synergy and installation methods are the same and when installed together, make your yard not only a show place during the day, but also come alive at night!

Our current spring lighting promotion is 15% off any new LED landscape lighting system when installed with a new lawn sprinkler system.

The certified lighting designers at Pacific Lights will begin by creating the scene you envisioned for your home with the use of many different lighting techniques. Some of the standard ones are up lighting, down lighting, grazing, shadowing and cross lighting. Many times homeowners are not sure exactly what they are really looking for in a landscape lighting design, so we will start off with a simple but elegant lighting of the front of the house. We can highlight any beautiful landscaping that may be present or we may focus on any unique architectural features that your home may have. This includes stone or brick facades, structural corner stones or corniches, arches, porticos, or even a simple front door overhang.

Other areas to consider are determined from the inside of your home looking out. A living room or bedroom window that looks out to a landscaped area can become one of the most visually pleasing works of art in the house. When brought to life at night with a professionally designed landscape lighting system, the outdoors will come alive with an ever-changing scene.

Any existing outdoor lighting or security lighting must be considered when designing a new landscape lighting system. Nothing will detract more from a masterfully designed scene than a glaring spot light or overpowering front door light. Many times we will actually leave those lights off when the landscape lighting is active.

Though appearance of the home at night is the initial priority, a designer must also take into consideration walkway and stairway lighting. Path lights are strategically placed along walkways and driveways to offer a soft and guiding glow for direction and safety. Deck lights or step lights are specific fixtures that are used to highlight stairways, patios, retaining walls, decks and railings in your backyard or entertaining areas. The use of soft down lighting can be utilized by placing specific fixtures in the trees or on overhead trellises to give your yard or patio a tranquil moonlit glow. This makes for a great entertaining setting.

Though landscape lighting is mainly used to bring your home to life in the evening hours, it also has other benefits. The use of LED technology can save up to 88% of electric costs over a traditional outdoor lighting system. It will also reduce maintenance costs due to the fact that manufacturer tests state that LED bulbs will last 10-13 years, depending upon use. Another benefit is that by installing an outdoor lighting system you are actually increasing the security around your home. It is a proven fact that a well-lit home is less likely to be burglarized because it is illuminated. The use of timers, photo cells and remotes will turn the lights on and off giving the appearance of a home that is occupied and active. You will take comfort in knowing that when you install a new LED landscape lighting system you will not only be beautifying the way your home looks at night, but you will also be increasing the value of your home!

There is no longer a reason to be afraid of the dark. Use the night and the light to paint your home into a magical scene that comes alive when the sun goes down.

John L Dellafiora


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