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Best Time to Water Grass

Best Time to Water Grass

Author: Pacific Lawn Sprinklers/Sunday, December 31, 2023/Categories: News, Lawn Sprinklers

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Year after year our clients ask us the same question, “When is the best time to water my lawn?” Throughout our 39 years in business, Pacific Lawn Sprinkler’s answer to this question has remained the same! The best time to water grass is in the early morning hours, before 10am. The main reason is because the temperature is cooler in the morning, and winds tend to be calmer. Consequently, water can soak into the soil and be absorbed by the grass roots before it can evaporate. When performing a spring turn on or monthly inspection, depending on the size of the system, Pacific Lawn Sprinklers technicians create a start time from anywhere between 4am and 6am. Of course you can still start watering at 7am or 8am, but keep in mind that you might get wet while you’re running out of the house to get to work!

A very common misconception among clients is that the best time to run sprinklers is at nighttime. Often people think it’s best to wait until the temperature cools down, but we assure you this is NOT the case. In fact, we suggest watering the lawn no later than 6pm. The later you water, the greater chance you can develop a disease on your lawn. When the lawn is kept wet overnight, your grass can grow fungus, which can spread quickly, and can quite the nuisance to get rid of. We also suggest not to water your lawn in the midday hours. Midday is typically when temperatures peak, and water can evaporate quickly. This means your grass is not getting as much water as it needs, and you are wasting water.

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