Why Pacific Franchise

With a Pacific Lawn Sprinklers Franchise you have the ability to immediately start creating cash flow the first day you begin offering services. This helps to offset your initial start up costs.


* Initial Franchisee Fee:

Being one of the lowest entry level franchise fees in the Green Industry, Pacific Lawn Sprinklers Franchise LLC. (Pacific) will finance a portion or all of the initial fee to qualified candidates. Terms and offering requirements are outlined in our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

* Service Vehicle:

Own an existing vehicle? Pacific will work with a Franchisee to both rebrand and outfit their existing vehicle(s) or connect you with a dependable partner that can offer leasing or finance options on a brand new vehicle.

* Initial Tools and Stock:

The “Pacific Lawn Sprinkler” name will allow you access to a buying power which will grant you our collective superior discounts and extended payment terms for many of your purchases, including your initial stock orders.



Average 2017 Gross Sales of Combo Franchisees (performing both service and installations). 50% of Combo Franchisees were above this average.
Average 2017 Gross Sales of Service Franchisees (performing service only). 27% of Franchisees were above this average.

Bottom Line Combo Franchisee:

24% Cost of Goods Sold (Material/Subcontractor/Permits)
10% Direct Labor (Crew/Employees)
66% Gross Profit Margin (Before Overhead and Salary)

Bottom Line Service Franchisee:

13% Cost of Goods Sold (Material/Subcontractor/Permits)
10% Direct Labor (Crew/Employees)
77% Gross Profit Margin (Before Overhead and Salary)

1 Statistics are averages of all franchisees in the system as of January 2018 who worked for at least 8 consecutive calendar months in the 2017 Calendar Year.

* Grand Opening Marketing & Continued Marketing:

Marketing is managed and provided by the Pacific Lawn Sprinklers Franchise Regional Advertising Fund (PLSF RAF) that does not require prepaid Grand Opening Fees or marketing services. The day you start your franchise PLSF RAF will begin advertising for you. Fees are payable according to the schedule outlined in the FDD.

* Call Center Administration and Optional Bookkeeping Services:

Depending upon the services requested, all fees for administration and optional bookkeeping are not prepaid and are billed according to the fee schedule outlined in the FDD.

Pacific Lawn Sprinklers Franchises are available starting as low as $7,500 up to $35,000 (varies depending on franchise experience, geographic location, and brand awareness presence).

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Pacific Franchise FAQs

1. Can I add more service trucks to my area?
As customer requests and clients increase in your existing area, it will be possible that an additional franchise/service vehicle will be required. You may decide that only one service vehicle is your desire, and do not wish to own and manage additional vehicles and employees. This is completely your decision and can be discussed with the franchisor, your accountant, and your attorney in detail at that time.
2. What happens at the end of my agreement?
The initial term of the franchise agreement is for 10 years. Prior to the end of that term, you will have to inform Pacific if you have a desire to continue your agreement for another 5 year term. If your franchise is in full compliance at that time, the renewal term will be executed.

If you decide that you wish to cease working in your franchise, you can discuss the option of reselling it to a qualified candidate. Pacific’s intention is to make sure every franchisee is enthusiastic, focused, and holds a true passion for the brand and customer service. Having franchisees that are fully engaged is the ultimate goal, and Pacific will work with a departing franchisee in every way possible during this transition.
3. Will Pacific provide financing?
Pacific Lawn Sprinklers Franchise may provide financing for qualified individuals for the initial franchise fee. Pacific’s close relationships with suppliers and equipment providers will help to give you a competitive advantage due to group pricing, corporate discounts, and extended payment options.
4. What type of truck and equipment will I need?
Based upon the type of franchise you will be operating, a standard service van is required. An additional van, box truck, or trailer may be required for larger franchises. Installation franchises will require pipe laying equipment, and is outlined in the operation manual.
5. How long is the term of the agreement?
The initial term is ten (10) years with two five (5) year optional renewals.
6. What fees do I need to pay on the work I perform?
As with most franchises, a 10% royalty fee is required to be paid to the franchisor on all sales. Call center and administration fees vary and are billed based upon the type of franchise you will be operating. Optional bookkeeping services are available for an additional fee if needed.
7. How much does a franchise cost?
Franchises range between $7,500 and $35,000 depending upon the certain requirements and considerations.
8. Am I allowed to work anywhere I want and for whomever I want?
As an independent business owner you are allowed to work in any area you wish, and for anyone you want. Though all customer service requests must be routed through the call center to ensure Pacific’s legendary “On Time or On Us Guarantee” and our “100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee”. Quality assurance and unsurpassed customer satisfaction is our main focus. Our recommendation will be to work in a consolidated area that will help to increase your profitability. Most service providers would rather have billable time than drive time.
9. How long does it take to open the business once I am approved?
The normal time frame is between 3-6 months once a franchise is awarded to a new franchisee.
10. How much will I be able to make if I become a franchisee?
The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) does not allow franchisors to imply, quote, or promise a potential franchisee any specific income amounts. What is allowed is located in the FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document). Item 19 outlines the financial performances from existing franchisees in the system. Certain average numbers and classifications are detailed and should help give you a basis for your financial due diligence.
11. What if I do not have any experience with lawn sprinklers or landscape lighting?

No experience? No problem. Pacific has a defined training program that is not just text books, manuals, or videos. You will actually accompany an installation crew to a real life residential installation. You will see and perform the proper techniques and tricks that will help you develop true field experience. You will also ride along with a service technician to experience real life service calls. This type of training has proven to be far more valuable to an emerging franchisee.