Field Support

Pacific will offer CONTINUED training and support. We have your back every step of the way! From the start, you will have extensive classroom and field training to prepare you to deliver the quality service Pacific Lawns Sprinklers is known for. You will have access to our franchise development team and field supervisors with over 250 years of collective experience. Through webinars, seminars, team meetings, annual trainings and actual onsite support.

  • Ride alongs with experienced field supervisors
  • Side by side field training
  • Troubleshooting tips through email campaigns and newsletters
  • Sales tips
  • 300+ hours of video content

At Pacific Lawn Sprinklers, we believe a lot of our irrigation knowledge derives from our years and years of experience. Our irrigation supervisors and lawn sprinkler foreman have been working in the field for nearly 40 years, and have come across every type of sprinkler system you can imagine, both residential and commercial. Working side by side with the leaders in irrigation, you will learn how to troubleshoot irrigation systems, find irrigation solutions, and learn some tips and tricks along the way. Our team of irrigation franchisees are honest technicians, and are taught to do each job the right way, each and every time. This will help ensure that clients continue to use your services each and every year.

Pacific Lawn Sprinklers
Pacific Lawn Sprinklers