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Pacific Franchise Training 2016


September 2016 the Team at Pacific Lawn Sprinklers Franchise LLC held a holiday lighting forum to prepare for the 2016 Holiday Season. During both the onsite exercises and the board room training, franchisees shared ideas and their field experiences, which created valuable discussions that everyone benefited from.


January 2016 was an extremely exciting time for the Team at Pacific Lawn Sprinklers Franchise LLC. Our training classes were given in a great new facility in College Point, New York and was one of our best events ever. Not only were the room and amenities comfortable, but the response from attendees was both outstanding and very rewarding. This year we updated our topics and included a lot of interaction with the franchisees that were very helpful.

It gave each owner a true sense of dealing with clients and how to properly address many of the challenges they will face in the field and in the course of their business day. With senior management and actual field technicians present, the attendees were able to ask any questions they thought of and learned many of the practices that will help them on their path to success. Though slides and talking are a great way to learn, most of us layman type still like “hands on” or tactile learning- that includes actually holding, feeling and speaking the topics. With staged training workshops and work stations, franchisees could actually perform many of the “day to day” functions that are required in the field.

Some of the features were:

  • The history of Pacific Lawn Sprinklers and how the BRAND was developed.
  • Marketing and best practices for acquiring and keeping customers. This included the importance of referrals and always doing the right thing.
  • The role of the Pacific Lawn Sprinkler Call Center and the operation and functions behind the scenes.
  • How to deliver outstanding customer service - each and every time.
  • Reviewing and understanding the many guarantees, warranties and promises of Pacific Lawn Sprinklers that clients have come to expect. This includes our “ON TIME or ON US GUARANTEE” and our pledge of 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION, along with clean, friendly service people that deliver constant professional service with a smile.
  • Training on electronics and computerized work orders, and estimating templates for quotes.
  • Billing, collecting and recording transactions. Daily schedules and customer inquiries.
  • Electrical trouble shooting - this involved the correct sizing and wiring of an irrigation system.
  • The proper way to diagnose and repair electric shorts and solenoid issues using specialized electric meters and wire detectors.
  • Tips and tricks from veteran service technicians to address problems and how to notify the homeowner or property representative of the issue once confirmed.
  • Plumbing practices along with backflow prevention and testing procedures.
  • Best practices for installations and uses of pipe laying equipment and necessary tools that would be needed in everyday work.

Products were discussed and samples were demonstrated to give everyone the visual understanding of the many different components, along with the “pros and cons” of each. Landscape lighting fixtures, bulbs, and transformers were a separate section of their own. Being able to get real hands on with the products and seeing their actual performance in the dark, along with the many truly engaging discussions that were sparked by everyone in the room. Holiday lighting was discussed but separate training for that service is available later in the year. Drainage and Basement waterproofing stations will be set up in the future to give each new franchisee a full array of products and services to sell to customers throughout the season.

The classroom training was a full week and wrapped up with an overwhelming satisfied and gratuitous response from everyone in attendance. Additional training was offered for a more in depth understanding of the computer systems and business/financial understanding the following week at the corporate office

We look forward to continually providing more of these classes and feel it is the best way to set a business owner off on a path to success and enjoyment in their daily life.

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