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Basement Repair

After delivering water to landscapes for over 37 years Pacific is well aware of basement water problems. By choosing Pacific Basement Waterproofing you can be assured to receive the same reliable and efficient service that we have been providing to neighbors in your area for many years. Our friendly dedicated team has dealt with water related issues both outside the home and inside the home as part of our regular services. A leaky or flooded basement can cause a series of both expensive and unsafe issues:

1. Damage to property and personal effects
2. Serious structural damage to foundations and interior walls and floors
3. Electrical damage and safety hazards
4. Potential health issues caused by the unsafe growth of mold and mildew
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Before recommending a particular waterproofing system, Pacific Basement Waterproofing will first thoroughly inspect your home’s subfloor, foundation, window wells and access areas. The exterior area around your home will also be analyzed for any conditions that maybe contributing to your water problems. i.e.( gutters/leaders ,drains, exposed window wells, low drainage areas).

Though sometimes exterior waterproofing is the only choice it is not highly recommended. A protective coating over the foundation from the outside will eventually break down in the earth. Hydrostatic pressure will eventually force water through any cracks or breaks in the coating and over time will work its way into your basement.

The most common and effective solution for a dry basement is the installation of an interior drainage system along the perimeter walls of the basement beneath the sub floor. This type of system is commonly known as a “French Drain” or a pressure relief system.

“French Drains” are installed by carefully creating an opening (approx. 1-2 feet) in the cement flooring along the inside perimeter of the foundation walls of the house. A trough is created to allow for the installation of perforated plastic drainage lines incased in a gravel packed bed. These pipes are installed in such a way that gravity feed of any water entering the pipes will flow into a collection tank located in a corner of the basement. A high powered sump pump is installed in the collection tank to discharge the water from the basement to a predetermined location outside of the house.

Pacific Basement Waterproofing will always recommend that a second “backup” pump is also installed to ensure proper operation and reliability. As another layer of protection, Pacific will also recommend that a battery powered backup pump, alarms or wireless notification should also be installed in the unlikely event that there is a power outage.

Before cementing backing over the trench Pacific Basement Waterproofing will carefully place a “poly drain mat” over the trench and continue it up along the perimeter wall approx. 4 to 6 inches above the floor. The poly drain will allow any water that seeps in through the walls or floor to enter the French drain and eventually work its way to the collection tank. The poly drain mat also helps the flow of the water by allowing air to enter through the mat’s special design configuration. The mat will also help to eliminate “sweating” in the new floor area and act as a vapor barrier.



  1. Perforated drain pipes

    Depending upon the application and the construction of the foundation and footing either PVC pipes or specifically engineered plastic channels ( as manufactured by Grate Products) are installed along the perimeter of the basement floor in the trench. These lines are the conduit that the water will flow through on the path to the collection sump pit. These lines are of the highest quality material to ensure that they are not affected by any inert elements in the soil. All of our piping will carry all full 25 year warranty.

  2. Gravel

    Special ¾ gravel is installed around the PVC perforated pipes within the trench to help reduce the intrusion of dirt or debris from entering into the lines. The gravel acts like a filter and encases the lines that are eventually covered over with cement.

  3. Poly drainage mat

    Made of heavy duty construction grade plastic material that will not corrode or break down over time. This mat is an essential part of the drainage system and eliminates “sweating” and acts as a vapor barrier to prevent moisture from wicking up through the cement to the basement floor.

  4. Collection sump tank

    Our poly structural sump tanks with enclosed fiberglass tops are sized according to the required overall length of the interior waterproofing application and the desired amount of options such as (secondary pumps, battery backed up pumps, alarms and monitoring controls). Our tanks will not rust, corrode or overflow like some of the cheap do it yourself material purchased in big box stores.

  5. Primary sump pump

    Over the years, we have learned to use only the highest quality commercial pumps and controls that are available in the industry. Relying on a company that has provided waterproofing sump pumps for decades, the Grate Products Brand is a name Pacific Basement Waterproofing relies on for unsurpassed quality and dependability. Being the leader in the market Grate Product’s pumps have set the bar for performance for sump pumps, collection tanks and controls.

  6. Secondary sump pump

    To ensure operation in the unlikely event that the primary pump fails or if the flow of water is every greater than the primary can handle, Pacific Basement Waterproofing recommends the installation of a secondary “back up “pump. As with the primary pump Pacific recommends the use of the Grate Products Commercial line of sump pumps. This secondary pump would be installed in the same collection sump pit or in a completely separate sump and will work in tandem with the primary pump.

  7. Battery backup sump pump

    To ensure guaranteed operation in the event of a storm or power outage, Pacific Basement Waterproofing will provide an additional layer of protection by installing a “Battery Powered Backup Pump”. This pump is installed in addition to the other standard pumps and is a fail-safe for optimum protection in the event of a loss of power. Don’t be caught with a great basement drainage system that doesn’t work because the electric source has been either unplugged by accident or if you suffer from a temporary loss of power.

  8. Discharge line

    Depending on the size and the amount of the pumps installed Pacific Basement Waterproofing will be installing PVC discharge lines to a safe and adequate location away from the foundation of your home. Most lines are 11/2” schedule 40 PVC that will be drilled to the outside of the house above grade and sealed around. This line is extremely important must remain free of debris or blockage at all times. Any water that has built up in the collection tank will be pumped thru this line and sent out to the exterior of the building. Depending upon local building requirements Pacific Basement Waterproofing may be required to route the drain lines directly into the main sewer lines of the home.

Mold Remediation

The presence of mold is a major problem and has adverse effects on most people’s health, such as allergic reactions, asthma and other respiratory problems. It is a cause for concern and one of the main reasons to eliminate any excess water or dampness in your home. Pacific Basement Waterproofing will not only provide the proper solution for your unwanted water issues but we will also provide an environmental friendly treatment for any existing mold or mildew that is growing in your basement. With our “green friendly” products we will rid your home of any uninvited spores and leave your basement a safe, friendly and healthy area once again.

Air Purification and Dehumidification devices

Air quality in your basement is extremely important to both your family’s health and in prevention of mold growth. Mold and mildew growth, dust mite infestation and bacteria can help to be eliminated by keeping the humidity in your basement at below 50%. Pacific can install a variety of dehumidifying and air purification systems to meet your needs and budget.

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