Why Pacific Franchise

Why a "Pacific" franchise?

Why Pacific

So, you made a wise decision and decided that going at it alone in these times is not a smart choice, and you are looking to become a franchisee of a proven "System".
That is your first right choice.
Now, it is on to why you would want a "Pacific Lawn Sprinklers Franchise" over the many other options out there?

IT'S VERY SIMPLE - Annual Recurring Revenue!

We will explain:
Most businesses will say how great they are and why their concept and franchise is so great, and they will talk about revenue each year. However many of them cannot guarantee "annual recurring revenue" defined in Wikipedia as a measure of revenue; it is typically used by companies that sell subscriptions or service, recurring revenue is a guarantee source of income year after year. Most businesses start out each year looking for new business because they do not have a recurring revenue stream from past clients. With a Pacific Lawn Sprinklers Franchise you will be offering annual services that must be performed every year due to climate changes with the seasons.

Every lawn sprinkler system needs to be started up in the spring, reviewed periodically throughout the year, and then winterized in late fall. These services are performed by renewable annual maintenance agreements with clients. Along with that would be annual lighting system inspections and maintenance, annual holiday decorating agreements, basement waterproofing system inspections/service, and insect management agreements.
Having this form of continued annual services makes a Pacific Lawn Sprinklers Franchise virtually recession proof and ensures a continued revenue stream, no matter what economic or environmental issues are occurring in the world.
Consider this against a flower delivery franchise, junk disposal franchise, or yogurt outlet. At the beginning of the year, each of these entrepreneurs start off without any work or revenue and must continually acquire new accounts. With a Pacific Lawn Sprinklers Franchise, customers automatically return year after year. Of course new work and accounts are always welcomed and must be strived for, but quality work, friendly on time service, and professionalism will help to make a customer utilize your services each and every season. Not to mention a happy customer will be your best referral.

As mentioned before, joining the Pacific team will entitle you to many benefits that will place you and your company in a position to become a leader in the irrigation industry. You will have the choice to perform the work yourself or to develop a team that you can manage and support. With the Pacific "System" you will be able to get out from behind the desk and perform the part of the job you like best- meeting clients, developing relationships, creating solutions, and overseeing your staff. Be part of the "System" and you will begin taking control of your future.

Some of the Best Reasons for becoming a Pacific Lawn Sprinklers Franchise:

  • Access to our franchise development team with (with over 100 years of collective experience)
  • Unsurpassed classroom and true field training
  • "Side by Side" support throughout your grand opening
  • State of the art call center that will handle all customer inquiries and automatically route them to the appropriate franchisee
  • Toll Free customer support number
  • Both a corporate and regionally designed website that will offer your services to potential clients in your service area. The website will also offer a customer portal that will allow a client to go online to schedule an appointment, change an appointment, pay a bill or make a request 24 hours a day. In today's world speed and accessibility is what people want.
  • A marketing team that will analyze, develop, maintain, and manage all marketing such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Angie's List, Home Advisor, and Yellow Pages
  • Customer referral programs, customer satisfaction programs and our exclusive "On Time or On Us" program will be promoted and managed through the Regional Advertising Fund
  • Buying Power through group programs and specific partners for better pricing of materials and services
  • A quarterly newsletter that provides safety tips, service and installation tips, product knowledge, and special offers from manufacturers or distributors
  • A franchisee intranet that contains all the necessary forms, pricing templates (to be used as a guide), material purchasing guidelines, and resource materials
  • Back office bookkeeping services to handle billing and record keeping (Optional)

What does all this mean to you as a future franchise?


With the Pacific "System" you basically have a team of people who work for you- doing the things that would either require a lot of your time or you just don't want to do- This leaves you the time to do what you do best- service and install lawn sprinkler systems, lighting systems and the other services that customers request.

Spend your time making money NOT wasting it!

By utilizing the Pacific "System", you will have reduced costs of ownership and operational costs. Review the following:

  • Operated from your home- no need to rent commercial space
  • Can be operated solely by you or a team that you can develop and oversee
  • Pacific's proven turnkey systems that include certain computer and software services to operate your business efficiently
  • Phone calls and customer requests are handled by the call center 24 hours a day - no need for additional internal personnel
  • Marketing provided
  • Group buying power
  • Experienced corporate and field support
  • Multiple partners (other franchisees) looking to help you for the good of the brand
  • Synergy that will lead customers to you based on a recognized and trusted brand

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Franchisee since March 2012:

Alex Volfi

I love the fact that my franchise can run with just one employee - that’s me.

Pacific’s marketing and website has provided my company with exposure and leads that I would never had been able to acquire on my own...

Aleks Vorfi