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What We All About

The Original Pacific Lawn Sprinklers Company was developed in the spring of 1980. The Dellafiora Brothers (Stephen, Peter and John) formed Pacific out of their home in Queens New York. Taking the name "Pacific" has been one of the million dollar questions over the years, so we might as well explain it. Stephen the oldest brother came up with it - he stated that we couldn't use Atlantic because it was taken already, and that "Pacific" was shorter, had to do with water, and was actually bigger than the Atlantic Ocean. And so, the name was born.

Working together daily, side by side, along with our father, we developed a strong and united bond with a focus on becoming the region's largest lawn sprinkler service and installation company. Hard work and uncompromising efforts set the course for a very successful and rewarding company that was solely built off of the referrals of existing clients.

Throughout the years as the industry developed, the need for landscape lighting, holiday lighting, drainage, and basement waterproofing services were added due to the many requests from existing clients. Transforming through the years with the birth of the Internet and wireless communication, Pacific has always been on the cutting edge of technology.

In the fall of 2002 we realized that we would not be able to properly service all of the clients we amassed over the years, and started looking to develop an independently owned and operated platform that our dedicated employees and future owners could be a part of. Since the irrigation market is a highly fragmented industry, we realized that homeowners wanted a local company that was professional, responsive, and a pleasure to deal with. We sat down and discussed the possibility of franchising because it gave each owner the pride of independent ownership and at the same time adhered to our tried and true system of "Customer First Service" that we provided for many years. The brand was formed utilizing our logo, along with our highly recognized "Bright Yellow" service trucks. Many homeowners only knew us as the guys in the bright yellow trucks!

So in 2004 we offered our first franchises to several of the dedicated members of our team. We would like to publicly thank the early members of our franchise for the confidence and trust they bestowed in our family. We would also like to thank them for helping us to continually mold and refine our process to create the current "System". From then on we have been adding on new franchises in new areas and are continually refining and modifying the "System". We take great pride in trying to constantly reduce costs to our franchisees and tirelessly look to improve our marketing efforts and service offerings. In this ever changing world, if you do not move with what the customer wants - you will never survive. That is what we preach to all of our franchisees: THE CUSTOMER COMES FIRST because without them, we have nothing.

We would want nothing more than to make you a part of our Pacific Family, but please understand that it will take hard work, dedication, outstanding customer service, and a great smile to succeed in this business. We look forward to your continued discovery into our franchise offer and wish you the best of luck in whatever you do!

The Dellafiora Brothers

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Franchisee since March 2012:

Alex Volfi

I love the fact that my franchise can run with just one employee - that’s me.

Pacific’s marketing and website has provided my company with exposure and leads that I would never had been able to acquire on my own...

Aleks Vorfi