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Franchisee since March 2012 - I love the fact that my franchise can run with just one employee - that’s me. I like interacting with the customers and providing a service that helps to beautify landscapes. My hobby has always been outdoor yard work and the lawn sprinkler industry was a perfect fit. I like the fact that the season generally runs from April to the end of November allowing me a generous amount of time for winter activities with my family and friends.
Pacific’s marketing and website has provided my company with exposure and leads that I would never had been able to acquire on my own. Being part of a larger organization of independent owners is a rewarding feeling and gives me a total sense of security. I know that it’s not just me out there and I have my own team of people behind me!
Aleks Vorfi
Franchisee since April 2007 - My background came from my years as a plumber working for different bosses on both the residential and commercial end. When I discovered that Pacific Lawn Sprinklers was offering franchise opportunities I immediately signed up. Owning my own business was always my dream but after years of working inside basements the thought of being outside and interacting with homeowners was the deciding factor. I am my own boss now and though my staff and I work very hard in the spring I truly look forward to the three month vacation I get when December rolls around. That time of the year and the freedom to work my families schedule around my business has been the biggest deciding factor for me. Pacific has delivered the backup support and continued training needed to stay on top of the market and make my company a leader in the industry.
James Cannon
Franchisee since April 2007 - I always knew that one day I would be in my own business but never thought it would be a franchise. Though my background was in other fields the first time I seriously thought about opening my own business I started to realize that it makes sense to affiliate myself with an organization that has been established in the industry and would provide me with knowledge and support I needed to succeed. Training was provided both in the classroom but more importantly in the field, which exposed me to the issues and real life experiences I would be facing on a daily basis. Within several years I have been able to train my staff and increase the number of vehicles I have on the road. My daily focus has now switched to managing my employees, estimating new jobs and developing relationships.
I look forward to a great 2015 season with goal for this year is to drive my company to exceed the one million dollar mark!
Vincent Gattoni
Franchisee since April 2006 - For over a decade, I worked as an irrigation laborer, installer and then a service technician. I never thought that one day I would actually be in my own business. When the Pacific Lawn Sprinklers Company started offering franchises I felt a passion inside me to become an owner and not just a worker anymore. It has been close to 10 years now and I have never looked back. The pride and respect of owning your very own company is extremely rewarding and is an asset that I am building for my future. The Pacific System handles the phone calls and the backend paperwork that I never really had experience with, and is not something I am looking to do. My support team allows me to do the work I enjoy and operate my company with the image of a large professionally branded corporation. The bright yellow trucks with the Pacific Lawn Sprinklers logo is well known and has been a great part of my success.
Osmin Coreas
Franchisee since April 2005 - Being in the industry and working as an installer for many years gave me the inspiration I needed to become an independent owner of a Pacific Lawn Sprinklers franchise. I was able to do the work but had difficulty with all the backend record keeping such as billing and scheduling and phone calls. I realized I would never be able to do all of this on my own so the Pacific franchise was a perfect fit. I am one of the first franchisees ever sold by the brothers and I look forward to resigning my agreement and to continue growing my business well into the future. Hard work, dedication to customer service and a partner like the team at Pacific is a recipe for the American dream!
Mario Mali

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Franchisee since March 2012:

Alex Volfi

I love the fact that my franchise can run with just one employee - that’s me.

Pacific’s marketing and website has provided my company with exposure and leads that I would never had been able to acquire on my own...

Aleks Vorfi