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When Should I Winterize My Lawn Sprinkler System?

When Should I Winterize My Lawn Sprinkler System?

As the fall season blows in, it is once again time to start thinking about winterizing your lawn sprinkler system! Lawn sprinkler winterization, also known as sprinkler shut down, fall closing, and winter blow out is the process of preparing your irrigation system for the cold winter months. The winterizing process will help to assure that the coming winter and freezing temperatures do not damage or compromise your sprinkler system’s components and piping.
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BUY or LEASE Your Holiday Lights:

BUY or LEASE Your Holiday Lights:

what is the BEST option for you?

Have you ever thought about the different offers for decorating holiday lights? Some companies offer a leasing option to install Christmas lights on your home and bushes every year for a set price. Most of the time it is a couple of thousand dollars, depending upon the size of the home and shrubs. This price will also include the company returning after the season, removing the lights, and storing them until next season. Sounds like a great option - right?

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NEVER Lock in & NEVER Pre-pay!

NEVER Lock in & NEVER Pre-pay!

How many people out there like to sign long term service contracts and pre-pay for yearly services? Over our years in business, we at Pacific Lawn Sprinklers have learned that clients do NOT like to lock into maintenance service contracts or pre-pay for services. We can understand why- service contracts often have exclusions and stipulations, you can end up paying for services you don’t actually need, and the level of quality customer service usually decreases over time. Maintenance service contracts often include spring turn on and winterization visits, monthly inspections and service visits.
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Is your Drinking Water Protected?

Is your Drinking Water Protected?

A backflow prevention valve on a lawn sprinkler or drip irrigation system can come in many types and brands. Each device offers an additional level of protection against the possible chance of the irrigation water from backing up into and contaminating your domestic drinking (potable) water. More and more frequently, water companies are mandating that the backflow preventer on your irrigation system be tested once a year to ensure its proper operation.
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Pacific Lawn Sprinklers takes the fear out of lawn sprinkler installations!

Pacific Lawn Sprinklers takes the fear out of lawn sprinkler installations!

Scared of installing a lawn sprinkler irrigation system at your home? We know what you are thinking, if you install a lawn sprinkler system now, the project will go on for days and completely rip up your lawn and garden, destroying you grass and flowers, right? WRONG! Contrary to what most people think, Pacific Lawn Sprinklers completes most lawn sprinkler installations in just ONE day!
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July is Smart Irrigation Month!

Smart Irrigation Month is a month-long campaign initiated by the Irrigation Association, dedicated to celebrating and promoting the benefits of smart and efficient irrigation. The SMART irrigation acronym stands for “Smart Irrigation is Sustainably Managed, Accountable, Responsible and Trusted irrigation.” What does this mean for you? SMART irrigation aims to minimize their environmental footprint through efficient water use, saving water, saving time, saving and money!

In the age of Ring Doorbells and Nest thermostats, it is no surprise that you can now control your irrigation system from your smart phone or tablet! The most popular smart Wifi irrigation controllers Pacific Lawn Sprinklers installs are Hydrawise, Hydrorain, Rainbird, and Rachio. We highly recommend a Wifi controller on all new lawn sprinkler installations. The Android and iOS apps feature smart phone dashboards so you can update your irrigation system’s settings, manually run zones, check watering history, and much more. However, in addition to the “cool factor”, smart Wifi controllers have some great benefits:

Save Money

According to the Irrigation Association, smart controllers save money because they can reduce your annual water bill by as much as 30 percent by preventing water waste. Plus, many local water providers actually offer rebates for purchasing specific smart controllers! Smart controllers offer in app alerts so you can monitor your water usage and receive an alert if there is a possible leak in the system.

Save Water

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, for as much as the water we use outdoors, as much as 50% is wasted due to inefficient watering methods and systems. Smart Watering takes environmental factors into consideration such as soil type, slope, sun exposure, and the type of sprinkler head to further ensure water conservation and optimal watering. Smart systems communicate with local weather stations and automatically adjust watering time and frequency based on the data received. The cloud based software will also automatically suspend irrigation during rain, freezing temperatures or high wind speed. Preventing overwatering actually keeps plants healthier by encouraging stronger roots and discouraging weeds, disease and fungus growth. Smart watering ensures plants and grass remain healthy — rain or shine. No more wasted water and no more dead plants!

Save Time

Once Pacific Lawn Sprinklers has programmed your site data into the smart system and set your watering triggers, the controller automatically adjusts the watering schedule. Smart Watering can also be configured to adhere to local watering restrictions, such as watering on only odd or even days. The smart controller will do the work, and you can sit back and enjoy your health landscape!

Added Convenience

Smart controllers adapt to seasonal weather changes without requiring reprogramming. How about another “cool factor”? Many Wifi controllers are compatible with the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can essentially voice command your irrigation system!

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