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Manhattan Terror Attack Exposes Bike Path's Vulnerable Crossings

He was killed at approximately the same location where Despite calls to improve safety on the path since that time, recommended steps were not taken. In particular, bollards - metal poles that would block vehicles from accessing the path - were not installed at most of the access points where cars can turn onto the path.

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Former Brooklyn resident charged in U.S. with aiding Islamic State

A former resident of Brooklyn, New York, has been brought to the United States to face charges that he traveled to the Middle East to work as a recruiter for Islamic State, according to a filing on Wednesday in Brooklyn federal court. Mirsad Kandic, who was arrested in Bosnia earlier this year, was extradited on Tuesday and expected to appear in court on Wednesday, U.S. prosecutors said in the filing.

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Life in a 250-sq.-ft. home with a boyfriend, baby and dog

I live in a 250-square-foot, one-bedroom apartment with my partner, our baby, and a dog. I know what you're wondering: How do we do it? I live in a tiny home - a 250-square-foot, one-bedroom apartment - with my partner, Thaddeus , our 14-month-old daughter, Fiona , and our Lab mix, Addie .

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Winterize your lawn sprinkler now and save in the spring!

As the cold winds of fall move in, along with the changing leaves and falling temperatures, it is once again time to think about winterizing your irrigation system or garden watering system. Here in the Northeast, winter delivers a steady bout of prolonged freezing temperatures that can damage the components of your lawn sprinkler system or drip irrigation system if not properly winterized. Costly repairs at the spring start up next season can be avoided if your irrigation lines are properly shut down, drained, and blown out with a regulated high volume air compressor. 

Now is the time to purchase a professionally designed LED landscape lighting system for your home!

Most people feel that LED landscape lighting systems are only installed in resorts and palatial estates due to the cost. However, nothing could be further from the truth. With major advances in technology and the growing demand for landscape lighting, it has become affordable for all. An outdoor lighting system can be designed and installed masterfully and economically for any size home or entertaining area.

Tired of high water bills or plants that continually seem to underperform or wither away?

The solution could be that you are over watering . Let Pacific Lawn Sprinklers Auditing Team conduct a full evaluation of your existing irrigation system and identify your systems inefficiencies or misuse of water.

A thorough review of your system’s water consumption, operating pressure, run times, cycle frequencies,  location and performance of  sprinkler heads and solenoid valves will be performed.  Environmental conditions and soil compositions will be evaluated to ensure that all factors have been considered. Calculations and cost effective measures will be discussed and a  retro fit for your existing  system will be proposed. A Toro “Water Smart” retro fit will upgrade your system to the most state of the art water conserving irrigation components.



Pacific Lawn Sprinklers has become a certified Toro “Water Smart” irrigation installer. A “Water Smart” lawn sprinkler system is a “Green Friendly” irrigation system that is designed to maximize water efficiency, reduce water usage and minimize  runoff. Pacific Lawn Sprinklers will meticulously design your new irrigation system utilizing Toro’s patented “Water Smart” irrigation components and by properly regulating  your home’s existing water pressure and water volume.


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